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Low power QRSS beacon: reports 3 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hans Summers   
Saturday, 20 June 2009 16:46
Shortly before the first day of February 2008, I switched off my usual station PSU and connected in its place a homebrew battery made from four bleach-filled cells. Power output was around 3mW on the usual 7,000,850 +/- 50Hz, and the shack smelt like my toilet when it's just been cleaned. The batteries powered the beacon for about a week, peaking at over 6mW; but after 5 days the power level dropped below 1mW and no further reports were received from my very poor antenna.

Thanks for all reports! The following reports are in reverse chronological order (most recent first):

05-Feb-08: 7,000,850 1.5mW BLEACH power!

The last known copy of my bleach powered beacon signal was from Les G3VYZ at 14:00

04-Feb-08: 7,000,850 3mW BLEACH power!

Peter PA1SDB saw Martijn PA3GFE (top), G0UPL (middle) and Peter DL6NL (bottom) together at 09:10
Pierre ON5SL reports good condx at 11:43

03-Feb-08: 7,000,850 6mW BLEACH power!

Les G3VYZ at 13:23 saw G0UPL (top), Martijn PA3GFE (middle) and Peter DL6NL (bottom) together
Weak but identifiable by Peter PA1SDB at nearly the same time, 13:40

02-Feb-08: 7,000,850 3mW BLEACH power!

Les G3VYZ saw Peter DL6NL and my signal together at 10:00
Around the same time, Pierre ON5SL also saw Peter and me together, at about 10:18 in JO10TT
Together with Peter again, seen by Pierre ON5SL at 11:43
Les G3VYZ saw me with Martijn PA3GFE at 11:47. I am about 15Hz higher than Martijn.
At 14:25 Giovanni IZ1JKO captured all three signals in Italy (JN44JS). From top to bottom: Hans G0UPL, Peter DL6NL and Martijn PA3GFE!
At last Peter PA1SDB copied me, at 15:24 with Peter DL6NL below
Peter PA1SDB again at 15:31, but Peter faded out

01-Feb-08: 7,000,850 3mW BLEACH power!

Les G3VYZ was the first to copy my beacon on bleach power at 10:36, in IO95FB! Possible reasons for the frequency instability include 1) bubbles in the bleach causing voltage variation and 2) temperature variation due to me sitting next to the transmitter.
Pierre ON5SL copied my signal at 12:26 in JO10TT
My signal pops up briefly with John GM0RZY, 13:42
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