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Written by Hans Summers   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 23:22

I was invited to present a number of talks to radio clubs during 2006/7. The format of all these talks was basically the same: something of an autobiography of my life as far as radio and homebrewing are concerned. I talked a little about the various projects I've built, and the little tricks and techniques I've come across along the way. Every talk was slightly different, depending on what I happened to have been working on most recently.

In each talk, I took along as many of my projects as possible and tried to get them powered up at the front of the room. This has many benefits! It gives the audiences something more interesting to look at than my face; it distracts them from the deficiencies of the presentation, and it gives me a nice focus from time to time to point enthusiastically at!

The real aim of the talks is to convey my love and enthusiasm for building these electronics and radio projects; and perhaps to inspire people in the audience to go home, heat up their own soldering irons and build something too. I have received many compliments for my talks, which either means people are very nice and polite, or that some of them actually enjoyed the talk. I know of several cases where listeners HAVE actually gone home and built something directly inspired from the talk - and perhaps there are others that I don't know about.

I follow each presentation with a short Questions & Answers session. Invariably when finished, quite a few more people have come up and asked their own questions privately or wanted to chat about some project or another. I enjoy this part of the evening particularly.

The following pages show some photographs and newsletter writeups for the talks I've presented.


Crawley Amateur Radio Club
February 2006


Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society
May 2006


Rochdale GQRP Club Mini-convention
October 2006


Surrey Radio Contact Club
December 2006


Echelford Amateur Radio Society
May 2007


Sutton and Cheam Radio Society
June 2007


Horsham Amateur Radio Club
May 2009


Halifax G-QRP convention
October 2009


Dayton FDIM
May 2010


Crawley Amateur Radio Club
August 2010

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