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Written by Hans Summers   
Saturday, 22 August 2009 22:51

This page is dedicated to the memory of Douglas George Summers, 2DWH (1916-1988)

The following pages contain some items from the archives, including a batch of QSL cards from around 1938, some of Dad's radio circuits, and a couple of pieces of equipment. (Larger image of left photo, larger image of right photo)

Frequency Standard.
1959 Superheterodyne receiver.
Another part (and some explanation) of the same radio receiver.
Signal Generator:

Dad's Heathkit Signal Generator.


These are some photographs of my Dad's voltmeter. The lower switch sets one of 6 ranges and is labeled (top left to bottom right) S, R, 550V, 270V, 94V, 9V. The upper knob allows calibration of the resistance range. The resistance range uses 3 standard 1.5 volt AA size batteries, rolled into a paper tube and pressed between two screws on a small block of wood. On the paper tube the dates of battery changes are written. The last change occured in 1985. Read more...

Historic QSL Cards from 1938

QSL Cards I am fortunate to have in my possession an envelope of my Father's QSL cards from circa 1938. These are all confirmations of SWL reports by my Father at his QTH of Tobacconist Farm, Minchinhampton, Gloucester, England. It is clear that he was not transmitting at this time, but from the writing on some of the cards, he was intending to get his TX working shortly. His own QSL card (callsign 2DWH) is shown here to the left.

The 33 QSL cards presented here are placed in alphabetical order. Clicking on each image will take you to the full size high-resolution scan, each image has an average size of 84K. Where the reverse of the card is interesting I have scanned it also as the next image in the album. In most cases the reverse just contains the address. Many of these are historically interesting in themselves, with stamps from around the world. If you're a stamp collector. But I'm not, and I don't have time to scan all the reverses as well. Written meticulously on the back of each card is the zone of the station, and the date received. Enjoy the collection!

In early 2006 I received a nice email from Ralph Wallio W0RPK about Erv W9SOQ. He says:

"I worked with Erv Sperath, W9SOQ, at Illinois Bell Telephone Company in Chicago, 1965-1972. In the early years Erv was my mentor both as a technician and later as an engineer. I think of Erv often now that I am close to the same age of retirement as he was back when I was wet behind the ears.

We spent many enjoyable hours discussing Amateur Radio. I vaguely recall what is probably the 300W transmitter Erv mentions in his QSL card in an equipment rack in Erv's basement Ham shack. It was home built and a good example of Erv's excellent technical skills."

Thanks for the memories Ralph.


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