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Low power QRSS beacon: reports1 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Hans Summers   
Saturday, 20 June 2009 16:26

I ran the beacon for a few days on 30m with my 10.140MHz crystal but had no reports. On New Year's day 2008, I changed the crystal for 40m. I have several 40m crystals and chose to use a 7,014 kHz crystal. The frequency was set at about 7,014,130. Later, Peter DL6NL sent me a 7,000kHz crystal, and I was able to move to the favoured QRSS sub-band of 7,000,850 +/- 50Hz.

The following reports are in reverse chronological order (most recent first):

10-Jan-08: Peter DL6NL's new crystal: 7,000,850 10mW

Les G3VYZ, 09:49
Thanks for the first report on the new crystal!
Shows the horizontal line that Les sees at 50Hz intervals, TV QRM
John GM0RZY, 15:17

07-Jan-08: 7,014,130 10mW

Les G3VYZ, 10:35
Peter PA1SDB, 12:00
G0UPL pops out of the noise just before noon, at 11:56

05-Jan-08: 7,014,130 10mW

Les G3VYZ, 08:58
Peter PA1SDB, 08:58
Shows the same hiccup at 08:54 as observed by Les (see above) at the same time. Nobody was in the shack!
SWL Mark, 14:35

04-Jan-08: 7,014,130 Power was increased to 10mW

Pierre ON5SL, 10:42
Peter PA1SDB, 10:45
Johan ON5EX, 10:50
Peter PA1SDB, 14:15
Les G3VYZ, 18:59
SWL Mark, 19:02

01-Jan-08: 7,014,130 1.8mW

Peter PA1SDB, 09:15
Pierre ON5SL, 11:29
Les G3VYZ, 12:10
SWL Mark, 13:18

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