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Written by Hans Summers   
Friday, 04 September 2009 20:31

The following is a complete list of all articles I have managed to find relating to the Huff-Puff method of stabilising a VFO for use in amateur radio transmitters and receivers. These documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed, you can install it here. If anyone has an article not in my collection, please email it to me!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have tried to keep the file sizes as small as possible. You will need to experiment with the viewing scale in Adobe Acrobat to obtain the most readable image. Often using the "Actual Size" setting, equivalent to 100% zoom, is best. Printing the files is another alternative, which should always produce good-looking pages.

Thanks to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) for permission to reproduce articles from Radcom, the society's monthly journal.
Thanks to the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) for permission to reproduce articles from QEX, the Forum for Communications Experimenters.
Thanks to Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek Nederland (VERON) for permission to reproduce the original PA0KSB article from April 1973 Electron.

Permission to reproduce the articles from Elektor Electronics was unfortunately NOT GRANTED. If you require any further information on these articles, please email me direct. Fortunately you can also read about Eamon Skelton's EI9GQ's VFO stabiliser project on his website, complete with downloadable PIC assembly code. Ham Radio magazine is no longer in print. I made some effort to try to track down the owner of the Ham Radio copyright, which I believe to be QST (ARRL), however to date I have not received a reply.

Thanks to David White W5NY for sending me the following articles: Ham Radio, Nov '74 "Tuned VLF Converter"; Ham Radio, Jun '79 "AFC Circuit for VFO's"; Ham Radio '87 "Better frequency stability for the Drake TR7". The article titled "Tuned VLF Converter" does not relate to Huff & Puff stabilisers; it is included here because it uses a variable magnetic field to tune a VFO inductor, as David W5NY and I have done in our Huff & Puff stabilisers.

Thanks to Gert PA3CRC for sending me the original article by Klaas PA3KSB in Electron, the journal of the Dutch amateur radio society Veron.

Many of the articles come from Pat Hawker's excellent "Technical Topics" column from RadCom. Pat G3VA became a silent key in February 2013 aged 90. He wrote his Tech Topics column every month for 50 years starting in 1958. An amazing achievement and an inspiration to all homebrewers. The Tech Topics articles are marked with publication "RadCom TT" in the list below. All of these articles are written by Pat himself, but make frequent reference to diagrams and letters he has received. In these cases I have listed the original source as the author, not Pat. To keep the file sizes as small as possible, I have edited out surrounding articles (interesting though they often are).

Publication Issue Author Size Article
Electron Apr 1973 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 83K Original article that started it all! (in Dutch)
RadCom TT Jul 1973 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 185K Crystal-stabilized VFO
RadCom TT Oct 1973 Joe Cropper G3BY 126K The Huff and Puff VFO
RadCom TT Nov 1973 Harry Burton ZL2APC 48K Origins of the Huff and Puff VFO
RadCom TT Nov 1973 John Compton G4COM 162K More views on huff & puff VFO's
RadCom TT Dec 1973 Various 205K Huff & Puff comments
RadCom TT Mar 1974 J H Tait BRS32041 76K Huff and puff VFO stabilization
RadCom TT Mar 1974 A K Forrest BRS34402 117K A versatile Huff & Puff system
RadCom TT May 1974 P A Howarth G3YAC 66K Huff and Puff stabilizer correction
RadCom TT Jul 1974 Joe Cropper G3BY 209K Huff and Puff postscript
RadCom TT Aug 1974 PA0AGE 151K PA0AGE Huff and Puff
Ham Radio Nov 1974 Unknown 540K Tuned VLF converter
Ham Radio Dec 1977 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 293K Drift-correction circuit for free-running oscillators
RadCom TT Apr 1978 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 256K Huff and Puff in CMOS
RadCom Aug 1978 T Winter G4AOK 566K Huff and Puff stabilizer
Ham Radio Aug 1978 Crawford MacKeand WA3ZKZ 1743K Frequency-lock loop pages 1-3 and pages 3-6
Ham Radio Jun 1979 Read C Easton K6EHV 332K AFC Circuit for VFO's
Elektor May 1980 Eamon Skelton EI9GQ
REMOVED: Frequency Lock System.
Ham Radio Aug 1987 Urs Hadorn HB9ABO 871K Better frequency stability for the Drake TR7
SPRAT 63 Summer 1990 Stef Niewiadomski 197K The Huff & Puff revisited
RadCom Mar 1991 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 653K The Fifth-Method Stabilised Oscillator
QEX Feb 1996 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 819K Frequency Stabilization of L-C Oscillators
RadCom TT Jul 1996 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 140K Improved 'Huff and Puff' Stabiliser
RadCom TT Sep 1996 Charles Fletcher G3DXZ 117K Huff & Puff in practice
RadCom TT Dec 1996 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 83K Huff & Puff - PA0KSB comments
RadCom TT Feb 1997 Peter Lawton G7IXH 89K Huff & Puff Oscillator
RadCom Dec 1997 Chas Fletcher G3DXZ 477K Stay-Put: The Improved Huff & Puff VFO
RadCom TT Dec 1997 Peter Lawton G7IXH 139K The 'Fast' Huff & Puff Stabiliser
RadCom TT Feb 1998 Klaas Spaargaren PA0KSB 396K PA0KSB endorses 'Fast' Huff & Puff
Elektor Feb 1998 Eamon Skelton EI9GQ
REMOVED: Frequency display and VFO Stabiliser
QEX Nov 1998 Peter Lawton G7IXH 628K The 'Fast' Digital Oscillator Stabilizer. Hi-res Fig.5
RadCom TT Dec 1999 Pat Hawker G3VA 420K Farewell Pa0KSB, Silent Key
RadCom TT Jun 2000 Peter Lawton G7IXH 105K G7IXH's Fast Huff & Puff Stabiliser
RadCom TT Sep 2000 Chas Fletcher G3DXZ 108K Slow-tuning Fast Stabiliser
SPRAT 122 Spring 2005 Hans Summers G0UPL 103K Simple Huff & Puff VFO Stabilisers
SPRAT 122 Spring 2005 John Beech G8SEQ 165K Huff & Puff revisited again!
SPRAT 123 Summer 2005 Hans Summers G0UPL 69K Simple "fast" Huff & Puff VFO Stabilisers
RadCom TT Sep 2005 Hans Summers G0UPL 59K Low-cost Huff & Puff stabilised VFO
RadCom TT Feb 2007 Ron Taylor G4GXO 345K Fast 'Huff & Puff' stabiliser in a PIC
RadCom TT Jun 2007 Chas Fletcher G3DXZ 154K An Alternative PIC stabiliser
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